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[24 Oct 2003|06:46pm]
hey y'all. right now im in massachusetts at my cousins house [colleen an daniel] well lets see.. wednesday my mom picked me up from school around 11 an we left for the airport an flew to atlanta an met up w. my sis there. an then all 3 of us flew to rhode island. once we got there my cosuins daniel an collen, an my aunt nancy an aunt kathy an uncle martin an gram an gramps were all waiting there for us. NOBODY RECOGNIZED ME!! it was hilarious, i walk up to them an they didnt kno who the heck i was lol cus in the past year ive grown alot an i look completly different! so then we drove to my grandparents house in fairhaven, mass. an we jus settled down an talked for awhile. then on thursday me my mom my sis an grandparents spent the day together since it was my gramps 80th bday. we went shopping an went out to olive garden. its soo cold here!! its snowing! ahh.. i miss florida lol then we went shopping some more an went to go see my other grandma an we went to pub99 w. her. then she showed us off to her friends.. lol. she kept on saying how grandpa should see me the whole time, it bothered me whenever she would say that tho since he's dead an all. jus kinda sad if ya think about it.. whenever she looks at me, i remind her of him cus i'm tall an everything. then we went back home to my gp's house an talked w. my aunt nancy for awhile. then today we woke real early an drove to my aunts house in north attleboro [sp?] an then when we got there we ate some more breakfast an colleen an my aunt kathy went with us to Salem. it was awesoem!! hah an since its halloween its all creepy!! i loved it, an then we went to the house of seven gables an to museums an crap an i got some stuff there. then we got lost [but i was asleep the whole time bc i'm sick right now, an my aunt gave me some medicine an it knocked me out ALL frikin day!!] then when i woke up we were in hell kno's where lol. but we everntually found where we were goin an we went to Rockport an walked around the shops, its beautiful down there. i love massacgusetts bc everything is old fashioned an all new-englandy lol. then we drove another 2 hours back to my aunts house an we're still here lol. i wanted to go out w. my cosuin daniel an his friends to go eat, but that didnt work out so im here w. colleen right now ;]] ok well i'm really sick right now which sucks ass.. but yea.

p.s. danny i'm sorry i couldnt get online tuesday night!! i was soo busy!

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[05 Jun 2003|08:29pm]
-- Name: Ashley
-- NickName: ashee, ashez, ash, britney spears, br0wn, marie brown, copper etc.
-- Birth date: June 2nd
-- Birth Place: Cape Coral
-- Current Location:! SwFla
-- Eye Color:. Dark Brown
-- Hair Color: redish goldish
-- Height: 5’6
-- Righty or Lefty: righty ! yay!
-- Zodiac Sign: Gemini


-- Your heritage: Portugese, English, French, Indian, Irish, Polish
-- The shoes you wore today: Flip fl0ps
-- Your weakness: idk? never thought about it
-- Your fears: never finding my special someone
-- Your perfect pizza: cheese lover's at pizza hut :D
-- Goal you'd like to achieve: live a good life... too many answers to that ?


-- Your most overused phrase on AIM: kk
-- Your thoughts first waking up: well my mom usually calls to wake me up so probably "shut up!"
-- Your best physical feature: ain't got none
-- Your bedtime: i don't have one
-- ur most missed memory:! all my ecs friends :'(

- Pepsi or Coke: coke
--Mcdonals or burger king: Mc dee’s
--Single or group dates: both
-- Adidas or Nike: both
-- Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: both
-- Chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate
-- Cappuccino or coffee: both


-- Cuss: sometimes
-- Sing: by myself
-- Take a shower everyday: of course!
-- Have a crush: yea.
-- Do you think you've been in love: not sure.
-- Want to go to college: yupperz
-- Like high school:! I duno I haven’t been there yet
-- Want to get married: yeah
-- Believe in yourself: yeah
-- Get motion sickness: only when i read for a long time in the car :P
-- Think you're attractive: somewhat
-- Think you're a health freak: not at all!
-- Get along with your parents: pretty much
-- Like thunderstorms: omg! yes!
-- Play an instrument: hah not at all

LAYER SIX: In the past 2 months...

-- Drank alcohol: nope
-- Done a drug: nope
- Made Out: yep
Gone on a date: sorta kinda ; not sure if it was a real "date" or not
-- Gone to the mall?: yeah
Eaten an entire box of Oreos: hehe yea!
Eaten sushi: nope
Been on stage: yeah for grad .
-- Gone skating: yep
-- Made homemade cookies: out of the plastic pillsbury doughboy ahah
-- Gone skinny dipping: nope ;
-- Dyed your hair: yea and highlighted
-- Stolen anything: Nope


-- Played a game that required removal of clothing: nah
-- If so, was it mixed company: -- i said no
-- Been trashed or extremely intoxicated : nope
-- Been caught : in a lie
-- Been called a tease: not that I know of
-- Gotten beaten up: nope
-- Shoplifted : nope
-- Changed who you were to fit in: yea but i think everyone's done that one time or another..


-- Age you hope to be married: early 20's
-- Numbers and Names of Children: 2 boys and a girl-Crystal+Sean+Caleb
-- Describe your dream wedding: not really sure yet..
-- How do you want to die : in my sleep
-- Where you want to go to college: not sure still lookin into it..
-- What do you want to be when you grow up : Physical Therapist
-- What country would you most like to visit: England

LAYER NINE: In a guy/girl..

-- Best eye color? : green
-- Best hair color? : anything dark
-- Short or long hair: short
-- Height: taller than me
-- Best weight: jus as long as he's muscular and it looks like he has no fat. especially no disgusting beer gut!!
-- Best articles of clothing: hmm.. lol !
-- Best first date location: fancy restauraunt
-- Best first kiss location: under the stars?? idk?!


-- Number of drugs taken illegally: 0
-- Number of people I could trust with my life: 3
-- Number of CDs that I own: i don't count them
-- Number of piercings: 2 and hopefully 3more. [double pierced in my ears an hopefully 1 in my cartiledge]
- Number of tattoos: 0
-- Number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper : couple
-- Number of scars on my body: not too many but I don’t wana count
-- Number of things in my past that I regret: too many to count !!

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[24 May 2003|07:26pm]
Title/Descriptiontheres me!

Title/Description theres kt.

Title/Description hah` theres nikki lol scarry!

Title/Description me on the left and kt on the right.

Title/Description us again

Title/Description melii`

Title/Desciption all of us at Miracle Lanes in our ugly uniforms. stupid school :P

welp kt sent me some pics. so i thought i'd put em up here kk byez

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[23 Mar 2003|09:44pm]
hey guyz! umm i hope u like my 3rd diff. layout 2day! lol umm thanks lj user goddezz for my icon <3 Ashee`*

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hey people! [23 Mar 2003|11:14am]
[ mood | bouncy ]

hey guys its kenny , im at ashlee`s house and we are watching cribs lol im going home in a lil while we went to the movies last night and saw view from the top like the gayest moive ever lol it was a chick flik we went with dru em carly amanda frankie denelle brad and brian yeah you know well we saw frankie`s pookie and her friend used emily`s lipgloss eww ! lol well i had one of these journal things but i dont know where the thing is lol well ima go now ok sorry so short !

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[20 Mar 2003|07:55pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

hey ya'll sry i havent updated for awhile! omg i'm STILL peeling from my sunburn ahaha! weirdness! ok well i've been on spring break all week so heres whats been happenin..
friday- i came home [spring break started yayee!]and stayed on teh computer and talked __* for awhile and i was supposed to go to the movies but that got cancelled ;p, then lata on afta that i had to clean the house and get ready for ali and richard to cum ova [my sis and brother in law] and then i got sum new perfume and makeup from her [u can neva get enuf of that! ahah] and jus hanged out for the rest of the nite
Saturday- then i went to church and april had her baptism and we stayed for a potluck at church then me and april were startin to get bored so she called her boyfriend gaig and we picked him uo from hogbodys and brought him back to the church and then... i think [ i sorta forgot] we came home and jus watched sum movies
Sunday- my sister and my mom had to go to a bridal shower and i didnt wanna go so richard took me shoppn [hehe! :D] and we also went shoppin for our graduation dress but i culdnt find any ;p so we went into saks to get me sum makeup but they didnt have it so we went and had lunch at johnny rockets and headed over to the other mall and then went into burdines to get my mac powder and omg! i'm gettin my makeup dun there for graduation i think there! lol hehe i'ma so0o0 excited! and then we headed ova to american eagle and i only gotz 1 shirt! pooey! then we jus came home and pigged out on the extra food from the brial shower :D
Monday- on monday my sister took me shoppin and i found a back-up graduation dress lol long story nm! and then before that i finally got my braces off! yayee! i had em on for like a yr and a half! i look a lot betta w/ out them! hehe then that nite i went to the movies w/ kenni, katie, and nikki and tehn we sat w/... emily, dru, allie, frankie, carly, carlie, amanda, julia, brian, casey, and lauren [haha i only kno like half of those people ;p] and we saw bring down the house it was a cute movie but it was loong! then i came home and slept ahha!
Tuesday- i stayed home and slept in cuz my family all went to teh beach but i didnt go cuz i didnt wanna get even more burnt and peely than i already am!lol and then when they came home i made five bucks lol jus for vacuuming! lol then that nite i slept ova kennis and nikki came ova until like 10 and then had to go and we pretty much stayed online forawhile and tehn we called jason and talked to him forawhile and thats when he rated kenni a perfect 10 hmm.. [more about that lata] tehn we watched swimfan and the ring and 1hr photo and omg! eww onehr photo was jus weird! lol
then her mom woke us up teh nxt morning and told us that kennis grandma was gonna take us to the mall so we met up w/ jason there and we were tehre for a cuple of hrs and i culd barely get anythin cuz i didnt have enuf money on me cuz i didnt even kno i was goin lol and then kenni and jason started to like each other there.. lol and we picked up alyssa [haha ashee go bub-bye! lol] and then i came home and spent the rest of the nite w/ ali and richard.
Thursday- well 2dya was pretty boring! i jus stayed home and talked on the phone and online all day and now kenni and jason are goin out now... um ya.. and everyone was sorta gettin mad at her i guess i dunt wanna get into it and then i went back to my orthodontist and got my top retainer haha what fun rite!? and i saw one of my old friends there and she still looks ugly! aha! and then i am supposed to be at the movies rite now but u kno my parents r in a bitchy mood rite now and wunt take me there or even pick me up! and i really wanted to go so i'm stuck here on spring break having dun nuthing 2day! err! and im prob. not gonna be able to do much 2morow either! if any1 wants to go to the movies on the weekend plees call me! cuz i wanna go really bad! lol` ok well thats about it for now i'll update lata*
sry so0o0o long!@#

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im in pain!! ahh! [09 Mar 2003|07:36pm]
[ mood | thirsty ]

hey ya'll ! whats up?! nmh.. sry i havent updated in a while my comp.s been all whacky! anyways... hmm... lets c. yesterday i went to church and i didnt feel well so i layed down in teh back room and then nikki slept ova. hahaha! omg! fun stuff! lol well she came ova then we went to blockbuster and got blue crush! omg! i <3 taht movie! its my new fav. movie! then we went outside in the pitch dark at 10 and played sum basketball and nikkis cell broke[well fell apart] in pieces hahah she was holding it while she was shooting so we had to look all around the parking lot. then we talked to jordan and ashley for awhile then... ummm hahah! omg we had a pillow fight at 2oclock in the morning. and i sorta crushed all the m&ms on my bed lol long story! hahah but i got her back by pegging her w/ them. then 2day jordan came by my house and played basketball for lil while then my mom drove us ova to the yaught club and we were there for a cuple of hours. and haha when we were REALLY bored we started to build a sand castle that turned into and octopus or octopusses haha anyways and there was this little kid who started to build it w/ us and tehn his uncle came ova and started to talk to jordan. but i mean he wasnt old he looked like he was like 18 or sumthin and hes like thanks for watchin my nephew blah blah blah and when he walked away i was like omg nikki! and shes like what? i was like he looks like the guy in everwood u kno the one that came out of acoma or sumthin lol` w.e. i thought he was cute but only he had blonde hair. and then well ya we all got burnt bad! i got the worst! im like a tomato! haha but i'm tryin to keep still so i'm not in so much pain ahha! ok well my dads cookin sum food on teh barbq and it smells soooooo good! so ima gonna go now!bye!* xoxo
ahhaha! bye moofasa! :D

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oMg!! [26 Feb 2003|08:49pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

hey ya'll !~! hmmm wow! the past hour has been intresting! k well as ya'll kno... micah liked melissa... then he asks eryn out?! wth?! because hes always been in <3 w/ her and blah blah blah.. abuncha other bull ! anyways... she said no cuz he said she was playin him... and melissa doesnt even kno yet cuz shes at youth group cuz we called her 2 tell her cuz micah didnt kno what to tell her but she wasnt there... so shes not gonna be too happy...!!!! and during the convo. that i had with him he told me "out of the blue" y he broke up with me- and thats y i'm as mad as i am, cuz he lied to me AGAIN!- when he broke up with me he wrote me this lame note sayin how he didnt wanna go out anymore cuz he because he didnt kno me well enuf [w.e.!] and he said that was the ONLY reason.. well when we're talkin about all this... he tells me that the reason y he broke w/ me is bc eryn said that she liked him... again! it was a situation sumthin like melissa's. gosh i'm sry but he screwed up big time! wid both of us! but i dunt care anymore gosh! [ i dunt think] but i duno i'm mad PERIOD! w.e. jus lettin this all out. i told micah i was like u deserve this... all of this! u missed out on alot of great girls jus bc of her! w.e. i'm gonna go sum1s calling ttyl bye! >:o k wait nm lol` hmm.. [steam cumin outta my head! lol] anyways thats jus whats been goin on mainly! k gonna go fa real now! bye!

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[25 Feb 2003|08:26pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

hey ya'll ! whats up?! nmh alotz been goin on lately. hmm lets c i jus got off the phone wid micah and melissa.. it was weird. her line was busy cuz she was talkin 2 micah so i called her cell like i had earliar when we talked and me and micah were talkin to each thru the 2 phones cuz she held both of them up 2gether lol weird! well he likes melissa now and not eryn so i'm hapy 4 her! :D well.. hmm what else the bus was soarta strange 2day... lol` jordan and perki kept on goin back and forth w/ one another haha it was sorta funny hehe. and then when jordan got off teh bus krystinna got all pissed off at me and i'm like wth?! w.e. i'm annoyed wid her rite now. and i can't wait to leave our school ! eerrrr! i hate it! and school is almost ova! yeeaaa`! can't wait till i get out of jh and actually meet some new people and hott guyz! ahahhah! unlike at our school! ;p k w.e. anyways... i'm talking to meghan rite now and i gotz ta go take a shower welp actually im gonna talk still omg! 2day kt was so0o0o0o0o hyper! haha it was hilarious! the only thing diff. that she had at lunch was the peanut butter resees. and last yr. peanut butter cookies got her hyper and i think its jus the peanut butter lol`! w.e. k i'm REALLY gonna go now o and the movies saturday nite sucked! justa let ya'll kno!

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[22 Feb 2003|02:56pm]
hey guyz whats up?! i jus got back from church -lol` and i'm not african!- anyways um 2day at church it was pretty durn intresting! cuz ok as soon as i got int o church i went to the bathroom to fix my makeup. and when i came out i see this guy from the back and it looks xactly like derril ! then i jus stood there i was like omg! what the heck is he doin here i thought he was in north carolina!! and then this guy- who i thought was derril- was Robby and thats Heather's x-bf. so she was all mad cuz he was tehre and she didnt even wanna talk 2 him and she was tellin me how much she hated him and all ahh! it was soo confusing and then heather was cryin during church because oif it and i was liek aww! and then april looks at me and she slike whats the matter w/ her?! -cuz them 2 have been bffes since k-5- and i said ill tell ya lata. and then josh -april's brother- comes and so our whole side of the church was packed w/ all of us [packed is like 10 kids for us! lol` we have a SMALL church] and it was me josh april heather robby sara sammie w. tucker and anna. so haha yea! ya get the pic. and all day in church every1 was giving hints off 2 one another how u gotta forgive and a buncha other crap for them 2 actually talk 2 one another. but when i thought it was derril i was like ahh! but then i was also like get the heck out of here! i neva wanna c u! [if that wuldve been derril] cuz jus sum stuff happened and the stuff that hes doin now in NC and what he did in the past. w.e. and thats about it and im gettin ready to go eat lunch.. soo i guess ill go now. and i dunt think im lookin forward to go to the movies tonite cuz its gonna be me kenni meli nikki jordan micah and nick. and umm... like i said in that last entry and all but w.e. i guess i gotta get ova him especially if he doesnt like me and all ! k well i g2g eat bye*<3

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put sum tongue into it! haha..... [21 Feb 2003|07:35pm]
[ mood | curious ]

hey guyz! i'm sorta bored.. i jus got finished talking to nikki. i'm sleepin ova her house 2morow nite yeeaaa`! lol`-more about that lata- anyways this week has been sorta boring. -wait now i'm talkin to nikki again lol`!- omg! our stupid school [eerrr!] they gave us assigned seats at lunch! how stupid is that?! but nun of us cared we jus sat wherever we wanted to -practically- anyways and britany made like a protest sheet about it and i think the whole grade signed it lol` w.e. i hate our school i can't wait to leave! well like i said in my last entry i was like seriously pmsin soooooo bad! roFl* omg! one nite i was listenin to Good Charlotte -as always! :D- and in 5minutes i was shaking,crying, laughing, and screaming all in 5minutes! i was like omg! wth?! roFl* anyways.. krystinas all mad at me cuz i sat w/ jordan on the bus instead of her and i even saved her a seat! w.e. i didnt really wanna talk 2 her cuz now shes all friends w/ that Perky [sp?] girl now icck! w.e. and 2morow like i said earliar i'm sleepin ova nikkis and then kennis gonna cum ova before we go to the movies [ i think we're gonna go see Bringing Down the House lol`] hmm... can't wait! lol`[ melissa we shuld put on a fake fite roFl* j.p.] cuz jordan wrote somethin in a note to nikki sayin how we're gonna be fighting over micah and giving each other dirty looks we were both like huh? lol` anyways... [i say that alot dunt i? lol` ] and i guess kenni nick jordan and nikki are all gonna have a make out contest haha lol`w.e. and i guess thats y kt's not goin cuz i asked her afta school i was like ru goin 2 the movies w/ us saturday and shes like no cuz i dunt wanna c all them makin out the whole movie and i said o! good xcuse! lol` hmm... what else happened this week its been sorta blah! [thinking... lol`] k well i can't think i'm too tired! and if u look at this make sure u comment! and i mean every1 ! even non-lj users! k luv ya'll !
oMg! i fell in <3 with a country girl ! a city boy in a diff. world! roFl* run quiz kt! i luv yaz!<3

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[18 Feb 2003|08:56pm]
dude! i cant believe this im soo frustrated there is sooo much crap goin on between me kt nikki and now sara! and i went out w/ micah.. again and now we broke up and then we went ot the movies again this past weekend and he frickin led me on and now he likes melissa i guess im jealous but i duno?! aahhh! im yellin at sara now i cant believe her! i think im pmsin or sumthin cuz i am seriously freakin out over the stupidist things! every1's like wth is the matter w/ u?! im soo frustraed gosh! k jus had to let this out i feel like screaming! and i think that this is the worst day of my life! seriously! i dunt wanna say anything else cuz sum of these people read my jurnal so w.e. ill say otehr stuff lata*

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[16 Feb 2003|06:35pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

x001. name: Ashley, Ashez*
x002: sex: all girl
x003: age: 3-teen
x004: birthday: June 2nd
x005: place of birth: fLa
x006: siblings: sister
x007: star sign: gemini
x009: height: 5'6
x011: hair color: brown w/ red+gold highlights
x012: eye color: like almondish
x013: eye color of choice: green
x014: writing hand: right
x015: current residence: ft.myers Fla

Body Ills and Skills..
x016: do u bite your nails: ick!
x017: can u roll your tongue: umm yeaa`!
x018: can u raise one eyebrow at a time: nope.. not really lol`
x019: can u blow smoke rings: neva tried
x020: can u blow spit bubbles: eew! no way!
x021: can u cross your eyes: yep
x022: can u flip your eyelids out: hahah yeaa`!
x023: tattoos and where: nope, i'm afraid of needles ;/
x024: piercings and where: 2; ears [hopefully sum more lata]
x025: do u make your bed daily: nope im too lazy!

x026: what goes on first bra or underwear: underwear
x027: which shoe goes on first: right... i think lol`
x028: have u ever thrown a shoe at someone: haha yea plenty of times! :D
x029: on the average, how much money do u carry: about 10$ [round there]
x030: what jewerly do u wear: rings, bracelets, earrings
x031: whats sexiest on a guy: hmm... hehe
x032: whats sexiest on a girl: umm..
x033: would you rather be on time and look ok or would you rather be 10 minutes late and look great: 10 minutes late and look great

x034: do you twirl your spaghetti or cut it: twirl
x035: how many cereals in your cabinet: like 4 i think lol`
x036: what utensils do you use to eat pizza: none lol` [messy eater!]
x037: do you cook: yea sometimes

x038: how often do you brush your teeth: 2ce a day
x039: how often do you shower/bathe: once or twice a day
x040: how long does your shower last: like 15-20 minutes
x041: hair drying method: air dry overnite: straighten in the morning
x042: do you paint your nails: yep

x043: do you swear: sometimes..
x044: do you spit or swallow: huh?
x045:do u spit in public: umm no lol`
x046: do you pee in the shower: eeww! ick! nooo!

In and Around...
x047: the cd player: confused ;p
x048: the person you talk to most on the phone: kenni, nikki, shari
x049: what color is your bedroom: yellow [ my fav. color :D]
x050: do you use an alarm clock: yep
x051: name one thing your obsessed w/: i duno?! lol`
x052: have you ever skinny dipped with the opposite sex: nope
x053: ever sunbathed nude: nope
x054: window seat or aisle: window! hehe
x055: what's your sleeping position: on my side
x056: what kind of bed do you like: california king! haha
x057: even in hot weather do you use a blanket: sometimes
x058: do you snore: nope
x059: do you sleepwalk: i dunt think so =x lol`
x060: do you talk in oyur sleep: sometimes
x061: do you sleep with a stuffed animal: nope[ usually falls off the bed anyways lol`]
x062: how about the light on: nope jus the lights on my stereo
x063: do you fall asleep with the tv or radio on: both

When was the last time you...
x064: had sex: neva have
x065: watched bambi: like 8 yrs. ago lol` [hated that movie!]
x066: cried: a week ago
x067: talked on the phone: an hour ago w/ kenni
x068: read a book: um friday i think lol`
x069: punched someone: i dunt punch i slap! lol`

k i was sooo bored i got this from an lj friend [thanks! :D] k my hands hurt lol` im goin bye*<3

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hey guyz! [31 Jan 2003|09:32pm]
[ mood | confused ]

hey ya'll! whats up?! nmh jus bored... well um lets c.. this week we had 2 away games. one in labelle and 1 in naples. ahah! both were alot of fun! at the away game in labelle it was like a ghetto school! seriously! so i was sittin on the bleachers watchin the guyz 7+8 grade bball team play and mindin my own business when these group of girls yell at me and say hey #12! and i was like me? and the girls like ya u! and i was like um.. ok what? shes like my boy ova here wants ta holla at u for a sec. dat ok? i was like ok... so i talked to him for awhile he was OK lookin wasnt cute or hot or anythin and he was puerto-rican and all but w.e. and every1 was like u were talkin w/ the opposing team! and i was like 1st of all he smelt like sausage! cuz i mean he really did it was nasty! thats 1 of the reasons y i didnt give him my #, on top of him bein sorta ugly and all. but w.e. lol` and on top of that we lost that game ;/. then on thurs. we had another away game in naples and on the way back it was alot of fun! hehe. ok what happened was on the way there we rode in annas car cuz there wasnt enuf room on the buses b.c. we were takin all 4 teams! i mean 4 teams cum on! and then while evry1 was loadin the bus me allie anna and eryn went to annas car to ride in it cuz her dad was gonna take us since he was one of the coaches so we were waitin by the car and anna is in the front seat bendin over to get somethin and when she sits back up ... her butt hit the car alarm button! haha! and so she shuts the door and teh alarm is still goin off and shes like help guyz i duno what to do! but we were jus laughin and then it finally stops [ the alarm] so then she opens the door again and it goes off again! lol` then she jus waited until her dad got back to open it hehe but when we got there anna was like practically drooling over this guy #10 who was pretty hot and she was like he is the hottest guy ive ever seen! lol` then on the way back me phil ben anna and eryn rated people the whole time haha that was fun! but then gus-gus asked us a ? he was like ok... now i kno that im a bit chuby and all but if a 300 pound man is standing next to me... how cum people will call me fat but not him? and we were like i duno and then phil goes ya i kno whenever some1 calls u fat u take it so personal ! and then phil was imitating him and he was like " i hate you! i'm gonna kill u... u fat bastard!" and he screamed that! lol` the bus got like dead quiet! and then a coach yells who said that! nobody answers... who said that?.... do u think its betta for me to go back there or for u to cum up here? so then she goes to ben and she goes y did u say that! and he goes i didnt say it! and then phil pops up and hes like sry i said it and then she grabs him by the hand like a little kid and talks to him in the front of the bus for like 10min. and then he cums back and we asked whatd they say and es like they want me to tell my parents so we were like o! so 2day i ask phil and i go whatd ur dad say [ and his dad is the red sox pitcher =derek lowe! lol`] and then ben answers for phil and hes like he said " go clean ur room u bastard" so phil didnt c y he shuld tell his dad. lol` w.e. but it was funny! ok well i g2g cuz im tired and i still gotta do laundry ;/ ttyl bye*

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hehehaha! [24 Jan 2003|09:54pm]
[ mood | tired ]

hey guyz! sry i haven't updated in a LONG time! ive jus been so busy w/ basketball and stuff. well over the past cuple of weeks.....
well i found out... caleb's movin to virginia!! ;[
saras cousin likes me ick! eeww!
i went to the movies /w april's new b/f gaig[he looks like mike torres!!][brandon was cuter and always will be!]
uuhh... i got in a huge fite w/ kt and nikki yesterday!!! alls ova w/ tho!
we had homecoming today!! haha fun stuff! kts hair was awesome! lol` hey arnold!! did u say porno?! i said it like that!? she wants his money! ur cousins?! haha funn stuff!
umm.. kenny and nick mite go out.. but who knos! i think ***** likes me ... but who knos!
i was the ball retriever person in 1st period!!! roFl* im sucha dork and i rolled on the rolly chairs the whole time!!!
o! i scored my first basket yesterday in a game in basketball !! yeea` such an accomplishment for me!! ;p [cuz i sux]
josh got me and kt soaked w/ water and papertowels in 2nd period!! i thought i was gonna get swimmers ear!! lol`
umm.. 2day we won our basketball game! yeeaa`
next week we have soccer tryouts... who knos if im gonna make it!!cuz last yr i was an alternate! ;P
omg!!! and bonnie said hi to me 2day! i was like... scared! lol` she hasnt said a word to me in 2yrs! and al of a sudden when im alone at my locker.. hi ashley! i was like uh! hi bonnie?! i didnt kno what to do! lol`
ok well im gettin bored so ill ttyl* bye<3

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[07 Jan 2003|09:00pm]
Josh Hartnett

My Dream Guy is Josh Hartnett
He's the shy but romantic type.
What a cutie too!

Who is your Dream Guy?
(by *Crazy Dannielle*)

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[29 Dec 2002|07:06pm]
Mmm...I&apos;m Belle!
Which Disney Princess are You?Find out!
Pretty!  I&apos;m a daisy!
Which Flower Are You?Find out!
Cool...I&apos;m Lucy!
Which Crossroads Girl are You?Find out!
Woohoo! I&apos;m Pooh!
Which Kid's TV Character are You?Find out!
Fuckit, I&apos;m Laney!
Which Angelina Jolie are you? Find out!

Ok...I have a Joyful Personality
What's Your Personality?Find out!

ok thats enuf for now! lol`

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watch the road! [28 Dec 2002|10:29pm]
[ mood | ditzy ]

hey ya'll i jus got back from the movies w/ april,heather, and brandon hahah! soo much fun! ok well as soon as i got to church april was like whatcha doin today and i was like nothin and shes like well u wanna come over pastors [her grandpa]cuz brandon is comin over lata and he keeps on sayin how he wants to meet u. and i was OK! lol` so we get there and have lunch [[ haha i want 2 meatballs! york peppermint patties! roFl*]] and then we went for a cuple of walks around the block. and while we were walkin down the road was a guy that i knew from my old school and he was showin off and everything on his skateboard.. and so i go hey i went to school w/ him and april yells hey u! shes like DUDE! SWEET! NICE JUMP! so we start crackin up and then she goes this girl right here used to kno u! and i go shut up april! and then she goes and her name is ashley and she likes u.. do u think that shes cute.. do u wanna go out w/ her? o! and her name is ashley! then i hit her i was like APRIL! and then he yells YA OK!! i was like OMG!! haha that was embarrasing and shes like well its not like ur gonna c him again and then he cums on his skateboard and rides up 2 us! then i said umm.. i dunt like u! and hes like O! ok then he rides back.. lol` haha funny stuff! and then we were walkin across santa barbra and these guys slow down and flick us off! and we're like u wish!!! lol` then lata on brandon cums ova and hes like were u the 1 that ran into me in the hall? and then every1s like o ya! that musta been ashley! cuz they all knew that ive liked him for awhile.. then we were bored so we went out to the movies and then we stopped for some gas and it was pitch black outside and heather didn't c the curb so shes driving in the grass! and we were like goin down to the ditch we were like HHAHAHAH! she was soooo embarrased shes like i thought that was the road! and april was like u thought brandon was a bad driver? cuz thats what we were jus talkin about be4 that happened.. but it was funn. besides that not much happened thats been about it.. 0! and we're not movin to georgia cuz the real estate agent neva came! yeeaa`!! ok welp i'm tired so 'm gonna go! biie*

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vacation!! [23 Dec 2002|09:03pm]
[ mood | shocked ]

hey guyz whats up? well im in Georgia! lol` only for a lil while tho.. we got here yesterday after like a 12 hr. drive!! lol` buti read the whole entire walk 2 remeber book in the car!! lol` and my parents heard me sniffling in the backseat and they were like whats ur problem?! and then i was like im sry!! its the book! lol` but 2day has been a really scary and strange day!! seriously! we went lookin 4 houses 4 my sister and then we came across this one house and we went into the backyard. and when my dad looks up hes like OMG!! and then my mom was talkin 2 my dad and i walk over and i was like whats the matter! and then my mom says ur dads been havin this dream for about 10 years before he hsas ever seen this house, about this xact house! i was omg! his dream was like he was on the roof of this 3 story house fixing it and he almost falls and thats when he wakes up! and theres more 2 it but the thing is we owned the house in the dream so ive been scared like all day cuz i mean we called the reaL estate agent to schedule an appointment to c the inside of it meaning more than likely we'll probably buy it! i kno that cuz even be4 my dad saw the back of the house he was like wow this wuld be pretty neat to fix up.. then he walks to the back of the house.. so i dunt kno whats goin on rite now.. they r actin like we mite move from florida tp georgia and i dunt want that to happen!!! at all!! and now i also found out that we probably gonna get a choc. lab when we get back home =D and i found that out like an hr. ago.. so thats been the best part of 2day xcept when we went to the mall earliar and i saw one of my old friends[ he's my sister's pastor's son [lol]] and he used to be soooo cute! but hes ok lookin now tho ;/ but it was nice 2 c him again tho... and 2morow whoi knos what im doin hopefully not lookin at that house! o ya and on top of that i think im sick!! cuz i have a stuffy nose and a cough so ughh!! this vacation keeps on gettin worse and worse when its not supposed 2 be like this! ok i'm gonna go ill update ya'll lata*

o and im thinkin about makin my jurnal a friends only type of thing cuz i dunt want any non-lj user reading it! >;o

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survey! [16 Dec 2002|08:09pm]
[[name]]Ashley,Ashez etc.
[[loq.]] sunshine state
[[fav, color]] yellow
[[ fav. sport]] none really..

[[whose ur bestest friend]]katie nikki sara april
[[the prettiest]] kenni
[[the ugliest]] nobody!! heheh
[[the friendliest]] brynne
[[the nicest]] tay and meghan
[[the awesomest]] all of them!
[[the loudest]] aliana and shari!!
[[the craziest]] derrill !!
[[whos the best lookin]] omg!! caleb ur soooo freakin HOTT!! can't wait 2 c u again!! ;D
[[the brainiest]] katie
[[the most annoying]] aliana
[[the quietest]] amy
ok.. i'm bored!! lol` gonna go.. biie*`

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